Keystone Saxophone Quartet
“Promoting Music in our Schools and Communities, for LIFE!
Since its formation in 2004, The Keystone Saxophone Quartet has become locally known for entertaining and educating audiences of all ages. 
KSQ's mission of “Promoting Music in our Schools and Communities, for LIFE!” guides the group on their musical selections and choice of performance opportunities.  KSQ's venues include school, social, community and college recitals.

Founding members include Mark Burke, Soprano Saxophone, Judy Burke, Alto Saxophone, BJ Hickey, Tenor Saxophone, and Janet Berlin, Baritone Saxophone. During their early years, each was formally trained on instruments other than the saxophone. Through their love of making music, the saxophone found its way into their hands and KSQ was born.
KSQ's repertoire ranges from baroque transcriptions and classical literature to jazz, ragtime and popular favorites. Every performance by KSQ offers the opportunity to learn a little more about the saxophone family through a blend of musical performance, presentation and a little humor!
About KSQ